You're hired! How to get your dream job in beauty

ABT speaks to Jo Clarke, co-founder and CEO of specialist jobs board, about how to make yourself more employable and find your dream position.

For therapists, nail techs and MUAs, is the job market buoyant at present?

Since launching in September 2015 we have seen an increase of job advertisements being posted on Jobs in Beauty for all aspects of the beauty sector including spa, aesthetics, male grooming and therapists.

In fact, now more than ever there appears to be many new exciting opportunities for qualified beauty candidates.

In particular there has been a rise of emerging ‘beauty on demand' Apps for both male and female grooming. This allows talented beauty / massage therapists, MUAs, Nail Technicians and stylists the opportunity to work on a self-employed basis with the potential to maximise earnings depending on where and when they work. It appeals to candidates increasingly looking for flexibility in the work place and to fit around their own lifestyle requirements.

Mobile therapists need to be fully qualified, have their own kit and own insurance, as well as being registered as self-employed (UTR).

More dedicated nail bars and makeup studios are also popping up around the UK, so alongside the traditional beauty salon set ups, beauty candidates can choose to specialise in a particular treatment or skill they really enjoy which allows them more choice of job opportunities than ever before.

How can beauty therapists make themselves more employable?

To be taken seriously by a potential employer it's essential to ensure you keep your CV up to date including contact info and consistent employment history, says Jo.

Just because there are more jobs available than candidates at present doesn't mean a beauty therapist can get complacent about the application process. Employers recognise there are less well-qualified and /or experienced therapists on the job market and there tends to be more ‘job hopping' than there used to be.

To be taken seriously by a potential employer it's essential to ensure you keep your CV up to date including contact info and consistent employment history. A mistake we see on many CVs is an out of date career summary or candidates referring to a job that has no relevance to their application. It's also important to spell check and ensure that your CV starts with your most recent job history.

Make sure you include a form of contact for employers to get in touch quickly whether that's an email or mobile number.

Employers often ask candidates to include a short summary of why they believe they are suitable for the role they are advertising and sometimes, a current photograph to accompany it. Most candidates ignore this request, which can reflect badly on their application meaning they don't even get past first base, which is a pity.

Take the time to include a short covering note with every application, personalise it to your strengths and skills and this will help an employer to remember your CV and hopefully short list you to the next stage in their recruitment process.

When applying for a role, ensure you fully understand about the business and what the vacancy entails; research the company to find out more that will help if you get to the interview stage.

On-going, keep up to date with new beauty trends, treatments (and, where possible skill up to increase your job opportunities).

Are there any common mistakes that therapists make when applying for jobs?

Apart from what I've mentioned above – yes, one common mistake we see is therapists applying for jobs they don't have the experience and / or qualifications in.

If, for example, you are a nail technician applying for a job as an aesthetic therapist which requires particular qualifications in order to carry out treatments to the required standard, it will just annoy employers and is also a waste of your own time.

If, however, you have transferable beauty skills or a company is offering on-site training then by all means it's worth applying if you have the confidence and motivation to learn.

Where are the best places for therapists to look when searching for a new job?

Whilst Indeed is the No. 1 global jobs board, increasingly beauty related employers are posting their vacancies on specialist job platforms to target quality professional candidates for their roles.

Jobs in Beauty fulfils this requirement for employers and for candidates, as it is a niche targeted jobs board.

We invite employers in the beauty, spa, aesthetics and hairdressing sectors to post their vacancies, as well as job candidates to register on our database so they can receive weekly updates on the latest opportunities we are advertising around the UK.

We also share all our vacancies across our social media platforms that include Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn which means new candidates can register and apply whenever they wish.

What are the benefits of using a specialist Jobs Board when searching for a new job?

Registering as a job seeker on Jobs in Beauty is quick and simple and enables you to upload your CV attachment in minutes. Once registered you can apply on our jobs board direct for suitable jobs – applications go direct to employers so the process is automated on our site.

Employers receive an immediate email alert to confirm an application has been received so candidates don't have to rely on an agency to follow up on their behalf.

If you are a ‘passive' job seeker, once registered it means you'll get regular email alerts of latest jobs so you'll never miss a potential opportunity. It saves you precious time and effort going online to search for vacancies yourself.

Employers also get access to our CV database to search for suitable candidates that may suit their requirements so there is the opportunity of a company getting in touch with you out of the blue to tell you about an exciting role they have!

In addition, Jobs in Beauty has a useful blog with career tips, industry interviews and latest news from beauty employers.

If you are looking to skill up or for a change of career into the beauty industries, we also have a dedicated training page that academies promote courses on.

For recruiters, how can Jobs in Beauty help?

Jobs in Beauty are an established jobs board for the beauty industry. We use a variety of leading job platforms and marketing channels, reaching a total of 15 million jobseekers nationwide, to ensure recruiters never miss a candidate.

We offer quick, low cost effective job advertising and a super effective marketing package in one post to save employers' time and money advertising individually across several sites (which can work out expensive as well as time consuming). It also means their entire recruitment process is within one easy to use dashboard so they can store all their CVs, and job history, in one place.

Employers are invited to register for an account on Jobs in Beauty, and are also given a £25 discount voucher code to redeem at checkout with their first job post.

We offer a selection of job packages to suit all requirements including discounts for volume postings and unlimited monthly job packages.

Once an Employer has selected and purchased their job package they have instant access to post their job, which will go live immediately. All our job credits are valid for posting for up to 12 months giving employers the flexibility to log in to their account as and when to suit their recruitment campaigns.

Recruiters can manage their jobs and candidates within their own jobs in beauty dashboard. Our proprietary software makes it easy to stay on top of their recruitment pipeline with the facility to categories and rank each candidate with our (free) web tools.

When a candidate applies for your role on Jobs in Beauty, recruiters get an instant email to alert them so they can log in 24/7, view and download the CV and follow up for interview.

All our jobs are circulated weekly to our candidates in our jobs bulletin and posted regularly throughout their six-week ad campaign across our social media platform (currently a network of approx 10k) giving instant exposure to their brand.

In addition, we have opportunities for our employers to ‘guest spot' in our blog such as interviews, career stories and latest news.

As an independent jobs board, we also offer employers and candidates that extra email and phone support they may require which many people really value.

We're proud to have built up a reputable effective jobs board, which continues to attract new job seekers and more employers on a daily basis!

Jo Clarke is co-founder and CEO of specialist jobs board Jobs in Beauty, an independent specialist jobs board for the beauty, spa, aesthetics and hairdressing sectors.