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Individual Complementary Insurance

Includes full insurance to the levels detailed for all of the holistic and complementary therapies that you are qualified in and that are listed below.



Includes full insurance to the levels detailed for all of the holistic and complementary therapies that you are qualified in and that are listed below.

Individual Complementary Insurance

Includes full insurance to the level of €6.5 Million for all of the holistic and complementary therapies that you are qualified in and that are listed below. You also receive all of the other membership benefits and cover is extended at no extra charge for occasional teaching! If you are unsure, give us a call on our freephone number and we will be more than happy to help.

Alexander Technique
Allergy Testing
Angel Therapy
Angel Therapy (Angles of Ascension, Diana Cooper)
Anger Management
Aromatherapy and Blending Essential Oils for retail
Autogenic Therapy
Assemblage Point Shifting
Ayurvedic Facials and Body Massage
Baby Massage Instruction
Bach Remedies
Bates Vision
Bi Aura
Bio Energy Therapy
Bio Kinetics
Bio Magnetic Therapy
Body Massage
Bowen Technique
Breathing Therapy/Breathing Massage
Celloid Mineral Therapy
Chi Kung
Cognitive Therapy
Colour Therapy
Cranio Sacral Therapy
Creative Writing
Crystal Therapy
Dowsing for Stress Release
Educational Kinesiology
Electro Acupressure
Electro Crystal Therapy/Electro Gem Therapy
Emotional Freedom Technique
EmoTrance (if qualified in Reiki or Healing)
Em Power Therapy
Energy Balancing
Energy Field Therapy
Energy Interferance Patterning
Facial Massage
Feldenkrais Method
Foot Printing
Group Exercise
Holistic Returning
Holographic Re-Patterning
Hopi Ear Candles
Hot/Thermal Stone Massage
Human Givens
Hydrotherm Massage
Indian Head Massage
Individual Exercise
Kinetic Energy
Kirlian/Bio Electrographic
Light Therapy
Light Touch Therapy
Life Coaching (Excluding Corporate)
Manual Lymph Drainage Category 1 &2
Massage (including deep tissue)
Mechanical Massage
Meditation & Psychic Awareness (no
more than 20% of income)
Metamorphic Technique
Neuro Linguistic Programming (Not on its own)
Nutrition Therapy
On Site Massage
Pilates (Mat Work)
Polarity Therapy
Post-graduate Massage
Provocative Therapy
Radionics (excluding crops, bldg, soil etc.)
Reichan Therapy
Relaxation Therapy
Remedial Therapy
Shamanism (Not on its own)
Shen Therapy
Sound Healing
Spiritual Psycotherapy
Sports Massage
Stress Management
Tai Chi (Non Combat)
Touch for Health
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Vitamin & Mineral Therapy
Vortex Healing
Zero Balancing
Hundreds more complementary and holistic treatments covered, call for details

Over 1000 treatments covered as standard

This list is to illustrate the main therapies we get asked about!  Live chat us if you have any specific treatment queries.

*For all optional extensions taken client must have passed and completed an ABT accredited course and hold suitable prerequisites

This extension indemnifies the insured member for allegations of negligence against them arising from the delivery of the courses and from student activity but does not extend to cover the individual student themselves if personally sued. If the treatments are being performed in and out of the school by trainers, cover is applied. ABT membership and extensions will be required. This cover is for where someone is a corporate entity and delivering a qualification for this extension it makes no difference if the course delivery is classed as short or long.

To become a member of ABT you will need to have completed and passed a Beauty Therapy / Nail or Holistic Qualification to a Level 2 standard or equivalent.

National / International Qualifications include:

We accept all major training providers and awarding bodies as well as over 1,000 ABT accredited training courses.

We also have an accredited companies section with hundreds of private, individual and post graduate training providers on our website that allows you to search for specific training providers that have been accredited by ABT. If you are in doubt, just give us a call and we will be more than happy to advise you.

Insurance Benefits

We aim to provide you with an affordable insurance solution which includes cover to work from home, salon or any other safe location in Ireland or temporarily abroad (other than USA or Canada).

  • Up to €6.5 million Professional Treatment Risks Insurance should anything happen while you are performing a treatment or acting otherwise in your professional capacity
  • €6.5 million Public Liability should any accidents occur
  • €6.5 million Product Liability should there be any injury or loss arising from the products you supplied whether to your clients or up to certain limits on a retail basis also

In addition, we give you unlimited defence costs per claim with unlimited number of claims in a years.

Complementary Benefits
  • Industry Specific Insurance
  • Digital Irish Beauty Magazine
  • Bi Weekly Newsletter
  • Website
  • Exclusive Trade Show Entry
  • ARAG Legal & Tax Package
  • Free Web Listings
  • Membership Helpline
  • Interactive Demos
  • Worldwide Cover
  • Exclusive Member Discounts
  • Starter Pack
  • Marketing & Networking Solutions